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Divestment and cost recovery

Future matters solutions


  1. Curtail operations in an orderly fashion

  2. Mitigate legal and PR risks

  3. Prevent value misappropriation

  4. Maximize the recovery of investment costs

Relevant experience


Return of Bridge Loan in Discontinued Investment Transaction

Following the decision of the investor not to continue investments in a startup opportunity, we negotiated and recovered in full the bridge loan that had previously been issued. As we structured this bridge loan transaction in the first place we managed to avoid costly and protracted legal actions and ensured full cooperation of the borrower.


Controlled Business Termination

During the winding up of a failed technology startup, we conducted negotiations on termination of the business with key management and enforced escrow mechanisms on the founders’ stock, which ensured control over residual value by the financial investor. As a result of coherent negotiation approach and close cooperation with our legal advisors we managed to avoid potential legal actions and negative PR. In another situation we mitigated the release from debt and transfer of shares to founders from an angel investor and controlled the orderly dismantling and liquidation of the offshore investment structure.


Utilization of Residual Cash Generating Potential

In order to decrease the burn rate and utilize available sources of finance, we helped a portfolio company redistribute the cash generated from a project with patently limited growth potential to finance the development of its core project.



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