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Powervault is the UK’s first plug and play domestic energy storage device, which stores free renewable energy or off-peak energy and then releases the stored energy at the peak of household demand.

Powervault's aim is to become the UK's leading engineering company offering cost-effective distributed energy storage solutions to domestic homes and SMEs, lowering the electricity bills of consumers while reducing peak grid demand.

“The most important benefits we’ve gained from having Future matters as our investor: insightful advice and backing in the financing rounds in the past two years.”

Joe Warren, Managing Director, Powervault

Andium is a New York Institute of Technology based startup that develops an IoT platform for building distributed, intelligent, secure large scale systems at cost.

Andium’s initial product offering is a highly scalable building management solution. A pilot project is currently being implemented by a commercial real estate company in New York City.

Recurve is based in California, USA and develops an SaaS analytical platform for the energy sector that enables quantifying, tracking, and transacting in demand capacity.

Existing functionality includes collection of data on energy performance and efficiency measures to enable analytics for a host of use cases, from contractor feedback to utility procurement.

“Few investors have the same industry knowledge and comprehension of market trends, or could see the long-term potential in our venture. Future matters is an investor who shares our vision and been providing us with valuable business development expertise.”

Matt Golden, Founder and CEO, Recurve

ADBRO has pioneered ASEAN market with its in-image advertising platform that harnesses the power of computer vision algorithms and machine learning. ADBRO platform enables companies and their agencies to significantly improve their digital campaigns with advanced levels of customisation and viewer engagement capabilities that enhance brand stickiness and generate sales leads, while ensuring brand safety in online media at all times. 


ADBRO is headquartered in Singapore with regional sales operations in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

Proprietary portfolio

Top 2 browser and search engine in Vietnam

World leading enterprise open core network backup and restore software company

#1 Russian web service for hiring care personnel