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Investment focus

We seek out startups on a mission to better our future in the areas that matter: renewable energy and energy storage, resource, materials and energy efficiency, waste management, IoT, consumer Internet. Our deal expertise in these areas draws on the team’s experience with our investments in the US, UK, Europe and South East Asia.


We favor projects that aim to deliver a positive environmental impact, enable development of a circular economy and have potential to succeed on a global scale.


Whether taking the plunge and investing before most professional investors would be ready to, or co-investing with later stage VCs in more mature ventures, our focus remains on making a difference where it is really needed for achieving the target objectives and sustainable value.

Investment amount

We fund up to $500,000 as an initial investment and always create a reserve for the follow-on backing.

Business essentials

What we look for in our prospective investee companies:

-      entrepreneur-led core team,

-      potential for immediate market leadership and international scalability,

-      strong IP as part of USP,

-      thorough understanding of addressable market and competition,

-      tested go-to- market channels, experience of first sales/client projects,

-      clear path to reaching $1 million in sales revenue within 18 months following our investment.

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