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Project Search & Selection

Evaluation of investment projects and transaction terms

Future matters solutions


1. Review and assess the business plan. Validate project KPIs and milestones


2. Develop recommendations on: Transaction structuring/Investment plan/Motivation scheme


3. Finalize the commercial terms of the investment transaction, including:

  • Investor protection mechanisms

  • Corporate governance

  • Management KPIs, responsibility and incentives

Relevant experience


Investment Appraisal and Recommendations on Deal Structuring for a Venture Fund

Our team was retained by the largest Russian venture fund of funds to appraise several investment opportunities being considered by fund investment committees. Based on the results of our work, we issued expert opinion reports and a set of recommendations on the commercial terms of potential investment transactions. Our work involved analysis of industry and market research, interviews with industry experts, value analysis.


Introducing Investor Safeguards

In a number of instances we have been engaged by shareholders and the boards of directors of venture startups to establish and control the finance and treasury function for investment holdings and operating entities. We also handled relationships with corporate administrators and legal advisors. In the case of larger companies, we appointed our candidates to CFO/FM positions.

In the case of smaller companies we acted as corporate CFO. We ensured that relevant escrow mechanisms were set up and successfully enforced in a situation when the transfer of essential IP rights was set as a condition for our investment.



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