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Long-term incentive plan structuring and implementation

Future matters solutions


1. Draft key plan parameters, including:

  • Type (share/stock options/phantom)

  • Size of management pool

  • Eligibility criteria

  • Base price of plan instrument

  • Vesting schedule

  • Good/bad leaver provisions

  • The plan governance


2. Prepare the plan documentation (e.g., the Plan Rules, award certificates, corporate resolutions)


3. Prepare communications materials

Relevant experience


Stock Options Plan for a Startup

Acting on the mandate of all the investors, we agreed the key parameters of the management incentive plan with the co-founders of the portfolio company and incorporated them in the shareholder and stock options agreements.


Phantom Plan for Revenue Stage for an IT Company

We developed the key terms and conditions for a phantom unit long-term incentive plan and reached agreement with managers, including vesting and allotment principles.


Incentive Plan for an International Internet Business

We defined key terms and conditions for long-term management incentive plan for the project, operating
in several jurisdictions coordinating professional consultants (tax and legal advisors, trust managers) and produced communications materials.



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